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IHAWU TRAINING CENTRE are committed to ensuring the expedient training of all persons wishing to own and use a firearm under the new legislation.  “Our Trainers” have Internationally recognized qualifications, and our facilities are fully accredited by:

  • SAPS SAPS4000059 Training Provider
  • SAPS SAPS3000031 Range
  • SASSETA 041904001186 Training Provider
  • Range SABS AZC 2004/21 Range

IHAWU TAINING CENTRE is designed to give the learner every opportunity to accomplish the outcomes-based requirements of the SAQA Unit Standards. The classrooms are comfortable, not overcrowded and conducive to a relaxed and yet professional approach to the task at hand. The course prices includes all study and exam material, ear and eye protection and the ammunition required to complete the initial assessment.  Should the learner be found not yet competent, a further assessment will be conducted after coaching, which we can provide at a normal charge.  The only charge for further assessment will be for the ammunition used.  This course is usually run over 3 days.  Assessment will take place at the end of the course.  An ability to communicate in English at the level of NQF 3 (Standard 8) is required. Copies of evidence of this must be submitted on booking this course.  All learners to submit a certified copy of their ID document as well.  Please bring a black pen and paper with you.  Lunch is available on request for R20.00 per person.  All courses must be booked and paid for in advance.  Regrettably, a cancellation fee will be charged for non-attendance.

References available from:

  • South African Navy
  • Road Traffic Inspectorate
  • Natal Conservation Services
  • Coin Security Fidelity
  • Endeavour Security
  • A.D.T
  • Taxi Violence Unit
  • Group 4 Securicor Daywatch
  • Netstar
  • African Hunting Suppliers
  • Natal Gun Company
  • Metro Police SAPS
  • SAPS Reservists
  • Correctional Services
  • Professional Hunters Sports Shooters

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