Ihawu Shooting Range

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Ihawu Social IPSC Shooting Club has two ranges at its disposal, an indoor range at the Ihawu Firearm Center which has 14 lanes to shoot in under normal conditions, and under club conditions the interior is transformed into different stages.
Our second range is at the Mapstone Shooting Range, this outdoor range has 1 rifle range, 20 small ranges including a kill house.

New Shooter Orientation

A 'New Shooter Orientation Class must be attended prior to being able to take part in a club match!
Content from the 'New Shooter Orientation' is available to view prior to attending the class.

Who takes control of Safety?

Range Officers (RO’s) are the officials that regulate the conduct of the IPSC shooting sport, apply the rules of competition and ensure fair play. Because of the inherent danger of using firearms, very strict safety is enforced at all levels of practical shooting.  There will be a minimum of one RO for every shooting stage, or group of shooters (called “detail” or “squad”).

Internationally, range officers are governed by International Range Officers Association (IROA).  Locally we have the South African Institute of Range Officers and Instructors (SAIRO) affiliated to IROA.  These organisations were established to train, accredit, recognise, and maintain match officials. They ensure that practical shooting range officers are the best trained, the best qualified, and the best prepared, to a same world wide standard.

All Safety on the range starts with each individual.

Please take note of these safety requirements when making use of the shooting range at Ihawu:

  • Eye protection and hearing protection are mandatory for all shooters and visitors / spectators.
  • For handgun shoots, you will require a holster that is on your belt – no inside pants holsters (IWB) are permitted.
  • Your holster must cover the trigger and must have a retaining strap or system.
  • You may NOT enter the club premises with a loaded firearm.  There is a “hot box” unloading bay at the front door.  Your loaded firearm must be unloaded there before entering the range.
  • No handling of firearms unless under direct instruction by a Range Officer (RO).
  • Rifles, Shotguns and Mini Rifles must be flagged with a clearly visible chamber flag.  If you do not have a chamber flag, your rifle must remain bagged at all times.
  • Even though its not a DQ offence yet, its highly recommended that your barrel NEVER point over the backstop (berm).
Downloadable Rule Books

Range Hours

Mon - Fri: 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Saturday: 8:00 a.m. - 1:30 p.m.
Sunday: Closed

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